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Time: 60 minutes

Concept: Magda Niedzielska

Choreography and dance: Natalia Dinges, Magda Niedzielska, Michał Przybyła, Piotr Skalski

Music: Özgür Ede

Light: Filip Marszałek

Premiere: 27.11.2021, Cricoteka, Krakow

Producer: Krakow Dance Theatre

The performance was created as part of the Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow for 2021.

The sponsor of the performance is Polygen company. 

The performance was created as part of Krakow Dance Theatre's residency project "Rollercoaster. Young creators of thrills", realized with the financial support of the Malopolska province.


The inspiration of the performance goes back to the forgotten public exhibitions, the so-called "human zoo", in which the representatives of the indigenous peoples living in the colonies were placed. We refer to the source of these events, dehumanization, which makes us place the Other behind the barricade, both real and symbolic. Dehumanization is a problem that is still present, only changing the form in which it is expressed. Using the example of human zoos, we refer to dehumanization in the present day, as well as to being an Other and our own experience of otherness. We explore the difference between when we are recognized as human and the moment when humanity is stripped from us at the level of body and language. We look at the conflict between an externally imposed narrative that places us in a subhuman position and an internal sense of being incompatible with such assumptions, thus also addressing the inspiration of human zoos, and the parallels between the dehumanization of humans and the objectification of animals.



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