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Time: 15 minutes

Choreography: Magdalena Skowron 

Music: Paweł Czarakcziew

Cast: Magdalena Skowron (dance) and Paweł Czarakcziew (cello)

Consultation: Eryk Makohon

Producer: Krakow Dance Theatre Association

Premiere: 17.11.2018, Contemporary Dance Stage, Cracow

<More> is a word that can describe consumerism in today's western society. Consumerism, which seems to be the basis of our existence, the basis for preserving the way the world functions as we know it.  In <more> there is no finite form, it is a constant chase for new things, regardless of the costs it entails - ecological, social or psychological.  Polish society, hungry for freedom, experiencing the transformation from the communist system, has become a fertile ground for consumerist ideas.  The society, so far living in consumerist asceticism, willingly submitted to new realities, where the availability of products allows for constant exchange and gathering.  Increasingly often we see, in all highly developed societies, consumerism in its extreme stage of unrestrained consumption, materialism and hedonism or narcissism.  The performance, through the language of movement and sound, tries to touch this problem, diagnoses consumerism as a kind of addiction that, like any other, leads to destruction.  The symbolic use of bubble wrap refers to the materiality, artificiality and superficiality of this phenomenon.  As a result, man remains alone, defenceless against his desires, from which nothing has protected him.  Neither has he protected the world from the cost of his greed.