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Time: 30 minutes

Choreography: Magdalena Skowron

Cast: Agnieszka Barańska, Pamela Bosak, Renata Bobel, Anna Ferenc, Angelika Mizińska, Magdalena Targosz, Aniela Pramik

Music:  Hildur Guðnadóttir, Julia Kent, Avi Belleli

Producer: Krakow Dance Theatre

Premiere: 12.05.2018, Novy Proxima Theatre in Krakow


Inspiration for "My sadness is simply chemical in the nature" was the book "Transplanted Life" by David Wagner. The spectacle focuses on the aspects of everyday life of a person waiting for a transplant. The struggle with uncertainty and awareness of approaching death become a part of a person's life. The weakening organism, the lack of influence on certain biological reactions and the passing of time argue with determination, willingness to survive, awaken defence mechanisms. The creators ask questions about "the morality of waiting in line for life", carrying a foreign organ and the awareness that survival is connected with the death of another person. How does the perception of time change with the perspective of illness? What does waiting in line for "life" mean? How do relationships between a group of waiting people build up?


My sadness is simply chemical in the nature