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Choreography: Idan Cohen

Assistant choreographer: Eryk Makohon

Light design: Eryk Makohon

Costumes: Dominik Więcek

Dance: Paweł Łyskawa, Magdalena Skowron, Dominik Więcek, Katarzyna Węglowska – Król/Katarzyna Żminkowska-Szymańska

Première: 2015,

 21 September: ICE Kraków Congress Centre

27 September: Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw


NESTING is an exceptional spectacle that will lead the audience down a cultural trail between Poland and Israel. Work on the dance spectacle was an unprecedented opportunity for the exchange of experiences, thoughts and modern ideas about "yesterday" and "today" in Polish-Jewish relations.


The NESTING spectacle is the search for the broadly understood "home". The people in the show are like birds which, spurred on by a primal survival instinct are able to circle the globe in search of shelter. The spectacle is based on the concept of a genealogical tree and nests built out of cultural memories. Its creators are searching for an answer to questions of the source of our identity. The incomplete branches of the genealogical tree cause problems in the finding of identity. This was the case of the Jewish nation, which was forced to flee Europe in the 1940s and was told that their home was somewhere completely different than they had thought until then. The creators of the show wonder what the foundation stones of our homes have " seen" and what shaped the ground on which we walk. The spectacle will be an attempt at discovering one's own roots and building a new language of discourse between Poles and Israelis, who still share an enormous cultural space. The dancers speak with their bodies and emotions and their sensations will be pictured in a dynamic image through movement and sound.


Performance was produced in partnership with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the programme "Choreography Commissions 2015"




by Krakow Dance Theatre