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Time: 30 minutes

Choreography: Pamela Bosak, Magdalena Skowron

Cast: Pamela Bosak, Magdalena Skowron

Music: Murcof, Christian Loffler, Kelly Lee Owens, Chromatics

Projections: Maria Łozińska

Costumes: Pamela Bosak, Magdalena Skowron

Premiere: 05.10.2019, Contemporary Dance Stage in Krakow

Partner: Krakow Dance Theatre

The performance was created as part of the Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow for 2019.


We put the body in the centre. The body connected with the mind and memory. The body, which is a carrier of memories, learned behaviours. We are inspired by conditional and unconditional reflexes, by taking over other people's behaviours through imitation, projection and mirroring (mirror reflections associated with mirror neurons). The study of mechanisms of imitation also takes place in the context of pop culture and social groups, as well as cultural codes present in our reality. We ask ourselves whether we are able to see what is our own behaviour, or whether we always lose ourselves by participating in social life. In the choreographic strategy we use the observation of human and our own behaviour, wondering what role movement plays in our lives. We reach out to places and urban spaces, to events and changes connected with development and history and try to find in them spheres of bodily memory, thanks to which we are able to recall situations, reflexes, emotions connected with a particular person and place. We do not treat inspirations literally, they are a starting point for creating movement material in which we examine our habits, behaviors, reflexes by testing them on each other as well


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