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Choreography: Jean Philippe Dury

Cast: Elephant in the Black Box Dance Company

Music: Collage (J.S.Bach, T. Wilems)

Production: Elephant in the Black Box Dance Company

Premiere: 12 May 2017, I Festival Europeo de Jóvenes Balltes, Geneva


The flight of the starlings is contagious: there is no leader. The birds follow the movements of the one that precedes it. We are talking about the desire to fly.  About emigration... People change hemisphere, continent, home, language, religion. We want to fly with others. Bird actions: jumping, courtesy, eating. In a group: change place, follow others. Improvisation / Reaction / Invention. On a high-voltage cable, we design the lines. This one. Judgement: Duos. Other birds come from other countries, and the myth of the black swan surrounds the scene reminding us of the differences. The hawk attacks ..



by Elephant in The Black Box Dance Company