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Director: Jerzy Jan Połoński

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Composer: Kurt Weill 

Choreographers: Jarosław Staniek, Katarzyna Zielonka

Costumes: Marika Wojciechowska

The story of Mackie Majcher, the henchman of a gang of street carnivores, is known all over the world. As one of the most interesting works in the history of musical and dramatic theatre, the Threepenny Opera has achieved international success. It has appeared in the theatre's repertoire since its premiere in 1928, and its content remains unchanged. Bertolt Brecht used trickery, gave the bourgeoisie something that must have pleased the bourgeoisie, and at the same time told some bitter truths about the bourgeois world and their relations.

At the Krakow VARIETE Theatre, director Jerzy Jan Połoński combines the theatre of form, drama and dance in one performance, while the plebeian theatre mixes with the bourgeoisie. He introduces magic, illusion, pantomime and pyrotechnic effects. Like Brecht, he provokes.

What is a jump on a bank in the face of establishing a bank? What is a jump on the bank in the face of buying a man? Where is the borderline between malice and manipulation, and is life a circus in which, like animals, we wait for applause or whipping?


Threepenny Opera

by Variete Musical Theatre