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Direction & Choreography – Eryk Makohon

Music – Michał Paduch

Scenography, Lights – Eryk Makohon

Cast - Paulina Dziuba, Monika Godek, Jakub Kruczek, Paweł Łyskawa, Magdalena Skowron, Mateusz Ulczok, Katarzyna Węglowska – Jamroz, Katarzyna Żminkowska - Szymańska

Production - Krakowski Teatr Tańca Association

Premiere - 16 December 2017

Cooperation - Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTEKA

*Performance was made within the grant programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 2017


The newest performance of the Krakow Dance Theatre has been inspired by the Polish Contemporary Dance technique which bonds Polish folk tradition and transforms it into a specific movement code. Polish Contemporary Dance reflects Polish mentality, psychophysical features, history and geopolitical location. All these elements may be found in movements especially in ways they are performed, in articulation, in ways of linking phrases and patterns into meaning. The essence of the Polish Contemporary Dance technique, according to its founder Jacek Łumiński, is deeply rooted in the origin of the folklore that comes from various Polish regions of Podhale, Sącz, Lublin and Kurpie. The performance, which is based in the current social and political context, uses traditional folk songs performed partially live. Folk inspirations are transformed into a contemporary form of dance theatre not only in music but also in movement. The public moods becoming recently more and more tense have been the starting point for looking at the specifics of the Polish feeling of community. The authors ask the questions where the borderline between “for” and “against” is, whether ”yes” and “no” are the only answers to questions/problems being raised by the local and European reality? We/You was awarded as the final 6 performances of the Competition for the Best Performance of the Independent Theater "The best OFF".



by Krakow Dance Theatre